VH-80 : The World’s First Bilateral Distance Measurer


Let us introduce the world’s first bilateral Laser Distance Measurer, VH-80! VH-80 measures bilaterally, and this makes it unique compared to the other Laser Distance Measurer.


VH-80 is an IoT Measuring Device which works from anywhere along the line of measure, regardless of the position of a user. VH-80 is a paradigm shifter of the distance measuring world! Be ready for some awesomeness this “Bilateral” brings us.


1 Measure = 3 Values

Two laser diodes mean VH-80 can take three measurements per single action: the left, the right and the total combined. Therefore, when easuring multiple lengths, the advantage of using VH-80 exponentially increases, by reducing your moves by factor of three

Choose Bilateral or Single

For a starter, VH-80 is a bilateral laser distance measurer, but it can also function as a single direction laser distance measurer as well.

You can easily switch to a single laser measurement setting, measured from the base or front.


VH-80 really makes it comfortable when you have to repeatedly get down or move the ladder to travel across the space. We are hoping that VH-80 can help and revive passion in folks who have been shy from working on new projects due to physical discomfort or inconvenience as well.

The measurement tool went through many transformations. But, one factor never changed: the necessity to start from 0 to your destination. However, VH-80 means that you can measure the distance between two points by positioning yourself anywhere along the line of measurement. You don’t have to travel with your tools anymore. You can measure in just where you are. VH-80 saves you a significant time by reducing the number of measurements and your travel time.



Continuous Measurement

In Continuous Measurement mode, VH-80 measures at a set time interval providing live change along with your movement. Since VH-80 takes the left, right and total value simultaneously, this mode is incredibly helpful in finding midpoints or sectioning.


By acquiring two values in a row, VH-80 can quickly calculate the Area of your space. The movement efficiency of VH-80 is most highlighted by equations like area and volume because you can acquire the necessary values by just turning your wrist once, instead of traveling and crisscrossing the space.


VH-80 can acquire the Volume of a space with three consecutive measurements. Like the area mode, VH-80 is powerful for these occasions. With three flicks of the wrist, it's incredibly easy to finish this task as well.

Pythagorean Theorem

Pythagorean Theorem Mode makes an indirect measurement by measuring two sides of a triangle to acquire the third. This is most helpful when you need to measure lengths that are large and in view.

Live Recording

Records up to 9 measurements with its internal memory, and virtually limitless and instantaneous with your app.

VH-80 M&S

Your smart device receives data from VH-80 through Bluetooth 4.0 in real time. All the measurements measured by VH-80 can be managed through this application. In this application, there are two modes.





Work on Computers


In sketch mode, a sketch can be created based on the data measured by a user. A user can create a sketch with a camera, saved images, and drawings. In addition, a user can export the created sketch into JPG, PDF, and XLS files, so a user can also work efficiently on computers.

Sketch Mode

In measuring mode, a user can now remotely measure and change the mode and the settings faster and conveniently.

Measuring Mode



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